NDA Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern, What is the NDA?


National Defence Academy (NDA) serves as the cornerstone of the Indian Armed Forces. Orchestrated annually by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), this national-level exam follows the “NDA Syllabus 2024” and is structured based on the “NDA exam pattern”. This exam offers golden opportunities for aspirants who dream of being a part of the Defence Forces as officers. However, the path isn’t easy; it entails a written examination based on the “NDA entrance exam syllabus”, which covers subjects including the “NDA Chemistry syllabus” and the “NDA Mathematics syllabus”, trailed by a personality evaluation.

NDA Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern
NDA Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern

Diving into the NDA Syllabus 2024

The aspirants, both young men and women, prepping for the NDA 2024 have to manoeuvre through two major papers: Mathematics and the General Ability Test (GAT). NDA Chemistry syllabus. These exams are conducted in a traditional offline mode.

NDA Syllabus 2024 at a Glance

Exam NameNational Defence Academy (NDA)
Organizing BodyUnion Public Service Commission, UPSC
Exam FrequencyBiannual (April & September 2024)
Selection Method1. Objective Type Written Test 2. Intelligence & Personality Test (SSB)
Examination ModeOffline
Papers in Play1. Mathematics 2. General Ability Test
Scoring SystemMathematics: 300 Marks GAT: 600 Marks
Question CountMathematics: 120 GAT: 150
Penalty for Wrong AnswersMathematics: -0.83 GAT: -1.33 marks
Time Allotted2.5 Hours Per Paper (5 hours in total)
Language OptionsBilingual – English & Hindi (Note: The English paper must be attempted in English)

Breaking Down the NDA Exam Pattern 2024

It’s essential to get a grip on the exam pattern before diving into the syllabus. NDA Mathematics syllabus


Mathematics Examination Structure

Total Marks300 Marks
Question Count120
Marks Per Correct Answer2.5 marks
Penalty for Mistakes-0.83
Duration2.5 Hours

General Ability Test Blueprint

Nature and Behavior– Atomic structure
– Physical properties and behaviour of water
Elements, compounds, and mixtures
– Acids, bases, and salts
Extraction and Uses of Metals– Properties of common metals
– Carbon—different forms
Chemical Reactions– Properties of gases
– Balanced chemical equations
– Laws of Chemical Combination
Physical and Chemical Changes– Oxidation and reduction reactions
– Slow and fast reactions
– Endothermic and exothermic reactions
Acids, Bases, and Salts– Their general properties
– Neutralization reactions
– Properties and uses of common acids, alkalis, and salts
Air and Water– Composition and properties of the air
– Physical properties and behavior of water
Bio-molecules– Carbohydrates
– Proteins
– Fats and oils
– Nucleic acids
– Vitamins
Environmental Pollution– Air and water pollution and their effects
– Measures to control pollution
Basic Organic Chemistry– Hydrocarbons
– IUPAC nomenclature
– Isomerism
Chemistry in Everyday Life– Detergents, soaps, synthetic and natural fibres
– Polymers and plastics
– Drugs and their classification
Fertilizers– Natural and synthetic
Elementary Ideas– Difference between organic and inorganic compounds
– Properties and uses of important chemical elements and compounds
What are the subjects in NDA?

NDA syllabus comprises two subjects, Maths and GAT.
NDA Maths syllabus carries questions from Algebra, Calculus, Matrices and Determinants, Integral Calculus and Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Vector Algebra, Analytical Geometry Of Two and Three Dimension, and Statistics and Probability.

What is the NDA age limit?

between 16.5-19.5 years,
It is essential for the candidates to satisfy and fulfil every criterion for advancing further in the recruitment process. The NDA age limit for the aspirants must be between 16.5-and 19.5 years to apply for the exam. The candidate must have not been born earlier than 2 July 2004 and not later than 1 July 2007.

Is NDA better or IIT?

Both are quite different ways to advance your career. IIT enables you to better structure your country, whereas NDA is for supporting your country’s defence. NDA entrance exam syllabus, NDA Mathematics syllabus, Users will receive the Lieutenant rank (officer rank) in the Indian Army following their four years of NDA training.

What is the NDA salary?

NDA Salary Per Month.
Over time, the post and salary of NDA officers keep increasing based on their performance and experience. The NDA salary per month for the Lieutenant post ranges from ₹56,100 to ₹1,77,500, while the highest salary for NDA Officer is ₹2,50,000/- per month for the Chief of Army Staff

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