Golden State Stimulus Guide: Eligibility, Payments, and Application for Californians


Explore our comprehensive 2024 guide to the Golden State Stimulus eligibility (GSS), a key financial assistance program tailored for Californians grappling with economic challenges. This detailed resource covers everything you need to know about the GSS, from eligibility criteria and payment schedules to how to ensure you receive the support you’re entitled to California financial aid.

the Golden State Stimulus (GSS)

The Golden State Stimulus (GSS) is California’s program to provide financial assistance directly to residents, aiding them in coping with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast to federal stimulus plans, the GSS focuses on supporting Californians most affected by the pandemic’s economic challenges.

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Eligibility for the Golden State Stimulus (GSS)

To qualify for GSS benefits, applicants must satisfy several conditions, including a residency requirement, specific income thresholds as determined by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), and a 2020 tax filing obligation. These criteria are subject to adjustments, so staying informed through the FTB’s website is crucial for potential eligibility for future payments.


Fourth Stimulus Check Overview (California – GSS)

Article TitleFourth Stimulus Check Worth $600 (California)
Stimulus NameGolden State Stimulus (GSS)
Concerned DepartmentFranchise Tax Board (FTB)
CountryUnited States
Types of StimulusGSS I and GSS II
Expected Payment Date (GSS I)Early 2021
Expected Payment Date (GSS II)Late 2023

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Types and Timing of GoldenStateStimulus

The GSS program has released two rounds of payments to date, with amounts varying by income level and filing status. Payment methods include direct deposit, debit cards, and paper checks, each with different processing times. It’s important to keep your contact information current with the FTB to receive payments promptly.

Stimulus Payments: Who’s Eligible and Where

StateWho’s EligibleAmount
VirginiaEligible law partners$400
VirginiaSingle individuals (eligible law partners receive half)$200
CaliforniaResidents who filed taxes and qualify for a refund$200 – $1,050
ColoradoResidents who filed 2021 tax returnsVaries (Cashback payment)
New MexicoSingle filers$500
New MexicoMarried couples filing jointly$1,000
PennsylvaniaDisabled residents or widows/widowers who paid Social Security taxes while employedVaries based on contributions
MontanaResidents who own propertyUp to $675
MontanaResidents who paid state income taxUp to $2,500
South CarolinaOlder citizens who filed tax returns on time without penaltiesApproximately $800

Applying for the Golden State Stimulus eligibility (GSS)

Eligibility for the GSS is automatically determined for individuals who filed their 2020 California tax returns by the specified deadline. For those who have yet to file, there’s still an opportunity to do so and potentially qualify for future GSS rounds.

Golden State Stimulus (GSS) Resources

The FTB’s official website is the best source for accurate and up-to-date information on the GSS program. Here, you can find details on eligibility, payment schedules, and more.

What is the Golden State Stimulus?

The Golden State Stimulus is a financial assistance program designed by the California government to provide economic relief to residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is eligible for the Golden State Stimulus?

Eligibility criteria include being a California resident for more than half of the tax year, falling within specific income brackets, and having filed a 2020 California tax return by the deadline California financial aid.

How do I apply for the Golden State Stimulus?

There’s no separate application process for the Golden State Stimulus 2024. If you filed your 2020 California tax return by the due date, the FTB automatically evaluates your eligibility.

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