Martineau Elizabeth

Biography: Introduction: Elizabeth Martineau is a seasoned finance and tax content writer based in Toronto, Canada. With over a decade of experience in the finance industry, she specializes in demystifying complex tax and banking topics for a wide range of audiences. Education: Undergraduate Degree: B.Com. in Finance, University of Toronto (2008-2012) Postgraduate Degree: M.Sc. in Taxation, Schulich School of Business, York University (2013-2015) Professional Experience: Junior Tax Consultant at Deloitte Canada (2015-2017): Focused on tax planning and compliance for small to medium-sized enterprises. Financial Content Writer at CIBC (2017-2019): Developed a variety of financial educational materials, including articles, newsletters, and white papers on banking and tax matters. Senior Tax Analyst at KPMG Canada (2019-2021): Provided expert advice on tax strategies and compliance for corporate clients. Freelance Finance Writer (2021-Present): Writes extensively on personal finance, tax legislation, and banking trends for various online platforms, including personal blogs, financial news sites, and corporate publications. Skills: In-depth knowledge of Canadian tax laws and banking regulations. Proficient in financial analysis and reporting. Strong communication skills, with a flair for breaking down complex financial concepts into reader-friendly content. Experienced in SEO and digital content strategies. Languages: English (Native) French (Fluent) Portfolio: A selection of published articles and white papers on topics like "Navigating the Canadian Tax System," "Investment Strategies in a Volatile Market," and "Understanding Mortgage Trends in Canada." Contact Information: Email: [email protected]
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