Island Boys Net Worth 2024: Bio, Career, Age, Height, Youtube & Tik-Tok Earning

The Island Boys, Alex and Franky Venegas, are popular American social media influencers and YouTubers with an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024. Their net worth is estimated in the figures of Island Boys net worth showcasing the kind of financial success they have found. Their journey to fame can attribute through their online recognition with a song “Island Boys” where Alex used the name that became a characteristic of their fame. This, combined with their Island Boys Age, Salary and Island Boys Earnings from other ventures such as the former’s career as a rapper, helps make up their huge net worth 2024. Further examining some of the responses to the question how old are Island Boys uncovers information about their age, height, weight among other elements that help shed light on their multi-dimensional online profile Island Boys Early Life.

In the year 2024, Island Boys Salary their yearly Island Boys Earnings reach $70,000. Their primary income sources include TikTok, brand partnerships, and their YouTube channel, which has amassed 28.4K subscribers and over 8 million views. This article provides comprehensive insights into the Island Boys Net Worth 2024, Island Boys Earnings, Island Boys Salary, personal lives, careers, and more.

Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth 2024: The combined net worth of the Island Boys is approximated at $2 million. These American identical twins rose to online stardom following the success of their song “Island Boys.” Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas are their actual names. It was Alex who coined the term “Island Boys,” a moniker under which the duo achieved recognition, particularly for their smash hit, “Island Boys.”

In the year 2024, their yearly Island Boys Earnings tally up to $100,000. Their main revenue streams flow in from TikTok, brand collaborations, and their YouTube channel, boasting 28.4K subscribers and amassing over 8 million views. This article offers comprehensive insights into the Island Boys’ financial standing, their yearly earnings, and their primary income sources including TikTok, brand partnerships, and their YouTube channel which currently has 28.4K subscribers and over 8 million views.

Island Boys Net Worth 2024 Details

Full NameIsland Boys
Island Boys Net Worth 2023$2 Million
CountryUnited States
BornJuly 16, 2001
Salary$100 Thousand
YouTube ChannelClick Here
Last Updated2024

Island Boys Net Worth Growth Last 5 Year

YearIsland Boys Net Worth
2023$2.0 Million
2022$1.5 Thousand
2021$800 Thousand
2020$300 Thousand
2019$100 Thousand
2018$30 Thousand

Who Is Island Boys? Biography

Island Brother comprises twin siblings Alex and Franky, born on July 16, 2001, in Florida, United States. Tragedy struck the duo at a young age when they lost their father to a heart attack. One of the distinctive features of the twins is their unique hairstyles – Alex’s hair is yellow, while Franky’s hair is brown with blond tips.

Island Boys Net Worth

Alex has tattoos on his temple and the number 17 tattooed on his forehead. On the other hand, Franky has an eagle tattooed on his forehead. They are recognized by their stage names Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj. Their journey hasn’t been without controversy; they made headlines for being arrested at 13 for burglaries. Later, they courted more attention when they shared a video wearing house arrest bracelets.

CategoryAlex VenegasFranky Venegas
Full NameAlex VenegasFranky Venegas
Famous asFlyysouljaKodiyakredd
GenderMale ♂️Male ♂️
Date of BirthJuly 16, 2001July 16, 2001
Age21 years old (as of March 2024)21 years old (as of March 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer ♋️Cancer ♋️
Place of BirthSouth Florida, USASouth Florida, USA
Current ResidenceSouth Florida, USASouth Florida, USA
ReligionJudaism ✡️Judaism ✡️
SexualityStraight ♂️Straight ♂️
Height (ft)5’8’’5’10’’
Height (cm)172177
Weight (lbs)160138
Weight (kg)7363
Hair ColorBlondeBlonde
Eye ColorLight BrownBrown
SiblingFranky VenegasAlex Venegas
Relationship StatusDatingSingle
ProfessionRapper, TikToker, Social Media PersonalityRapper, TikToker, Social Media Personality

Regarding their personal lives, Flyysoulja posted a picture on October 14 with @toxiicfaiiry, referring to her as his soulmate baby. Similarly, Kodiyakredd also appears to be in a relationship. On September 2, 2021, he shared a video on Instagram, dancing with a girl, captioning it “Get to know Me.”

Island Boys Career

Franky, one of the twin brothers, embarked on his musical journey in 2020 under the moniker redd_4x. He introduced several songs such as “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine.” It was in October 2021 when Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd unveiled their fresh musical creation, “I am Island Boy.”

The moment they shared their music on TikTok, it rapidly spread across the internet, becoming a viral sensation. The TikTok video features the duo singing their new track while submerged in a water tub. (Island Boys Net Worth) This video launch transformed the twin brothers into TikTok sensations, resulting in a substantial surge in followers after its viral spread.

Net Worth$700,000
NameIsland Boys
Height1.7 m
Weight⚖️ 60-70 KG
Date of BirthJuly 16, 2001
BirthplaceUnited States
Income$50,000 USD

As of 2021, Flyysoulja’s official TikTok account boasts 1.3 million fans, while his brother, Kodiyakredd, commands a following of 714.2K. Beyond their TikTok fame, the brothers also maintain a YouTube channel called “Big Bag Ent,” where they consistently upload vlogs, audio excerpts of their songs, and music videos.

On October 15, 2021, Island Boys Net Worth they shared their viral TikTok video on YouTube. The video has accumulated over 2.1 million views, enhancing its value to $100 thousand.

Island Boys Age

Island Boys Age: At present, the youths are a mere duo, Island Boys Age 20, teetering on the cusp of their careers. TikTok sensations are poised soon to conquer the world with their remarkable musical insights.

Island Boys Early Life 2024

Island Boys Early Life: a pair of twin siblings, Alex and Franky, are recognized by their stage names, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj. The duo was born in Florida, United States on July 16, 2001.

Details regarding their parents and educational background remain undisclosed. However, in one of their videos, Island Boys Early Life, their mother is prominently featured, stating that the twin brothers are American natives from the United States. While watching the video, it becomes apparent that their parents originally hail from Cuba.

Tragedy struck both brothers during their Island Boys Early Life years as they lost their fathers to heart attacks.

Island Boys Personal Life

The Island brothers are believed to come from affluent backgrounds. They initially attended a prestigious school, but soon gained a reputation for their involvement in mischievous activities.

At the age of thirteen, they were apprehended for committing burglaries. Subsequently, they shared a video showcasing themselves wearing house arrest bracelets.

Originating from West Palm Beach, Florida, they were brought up by their mother in a single-family household. The brothers’ whereabouts remain unknown, yet they might have left a hint on Facebook. On October 14th, Flyysoulja shared a photo with @toxiicfaiiry, where he openly declared his affection for his girlfriend, referring to her as the soulmate of his baby.

Similarly, in Island Boys Early Life, Kodiyakredd seems to be romantically involved with someone. On September 2nd, 2021, he uploaded a video on Instagram, dancing alongside a woman, with the caption “Get to know Me.”

What is Real Name Island Boy’s?

The real names of these individuals are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas. Island Brother is a pair of twin brothers, Alex and Franky, born on July 16, 2001.

They hail from Florida, United States. Unfortunately, the twins experienced the loss of their fathers due to coronary artery disease at a young age.

One of the distinctive aspects about them is their unique hairstyles. Alex’s hair is yellow, while Franky’s hair is brown with blonde tips.

Alex is recognized for having writings on his temples, including the number 17 tattooed on his forehead. Conversely, Franky displays an eagle tattoo on his eyebrow. They are known by their stage names, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj.

Who are The Island Boys’Family Members?

The parental background of the Island boys remains undisclosed. Information about the identity of Alex and Frankie’s mother, as well as details about their father, are conspicuously absent.

Despite extensive research, their names have remained elusive, leaving us without concrete information. If any revelations emerge, it would certainly be interesting to learn more.

Island Boys Girlfriends

On October 14, 2021, Flyysoulja shared an image featuring himself alongside @Tiinkerbell. Within the photo, the duo endearingly referred to their partner as his soulmate baby.

Island Boys Net Worth

Likewise, it seems probable that Kodiyakredd might have had a previous partner, considering his Instagram post where he is seen dancing with another woman. The caption read: “Get to meet me.” Additionally, it’s worth noting that Flyysoulja is a father and resides in South Florid.

Island Boys Iconic Hair Style

There’s no denying it – the Island Boy duo boasts truly distinctive hairstyles. A defining trait that sets the Island twins apart is their remarkable hair choices. Both sport hairdos that evoke a spiked look.

Alex’s hair is vibrant yellow, whereas Franky’s locks lean towards a brunette tone adorned with blonde tips. Interestingly, Franky has recently chosen to dye his hair blonde.

Island Boys Net Worth

Numerous individuals have voiced their thoughts regarding the white line that Franky adds along his hairline. Franky asserts that he achieves this distinct look using a barber’s pencil made of chalk.

Why Island Boys Are Popular?

The Island Boys’ sudden rise to fame can be attributed to their charismatic personalities and distinctive appearance. In 2020, Franky Venegas released three singles – “Smoke,” “9ine,” and “Real Right” – which served as his introduction before achieving recognition. Conversely, Alex Venegas saw success with his hit track “Money” in 2021. The duo and accompanying figures have since captured significant media attention after the massive success of “I’m an Island Boy.”

Their trademark features include their vibrant, self-dyed dreadlocks, tattoos adorning their bodies, and a penchant for brightly coloured attire. This unique style effortlessly resonates with their admirers.

Island Boys Salary engages their audience with various challenges, encouraging viewers to imitate contestant behaviours. The audience embraces these challenges, revelling in the accomplishments they achieve.

What Is The Extra Income of The Island Boys?

As of 2024, Island Boys ‘ yearly income totals $50,000. The main revenue streams are from TikTok, corporate partnerships, and their YouTube channel, boasting 28.4 thousand subscribers and amassing over eight million views.

Exclusive info Island Boys

ActorRobert Downey Jr.
ActressNot Known
SingerNot Known
FoodNot Known
SongNot Known
Sportsman⚽ Neymar
MovieNot Known
CricketerRohit Sharma
Footballer⚽ Neymar
TV ShowNot Known

FAQ”S About Island Boys Networth 2024

What is Island Boys net worth?

What is Island Boys net worth? Island Brother’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million Island Boys Earnings.

What is the Island boys annual income?

As of 2024, Island Boys Salary & their annual income is $70 thousand. The primary source of their income comes through TikTok and brands, their YouTube channel where they have 28.4K subscribers and over 8 million views Island Boys Salary.

How old are Island Brothers & Island Boys Age?

Island Boys Age is a duo of twin brothers Alex and Franky born on 16th July 20 and is currently Island Boys Age 20 years old

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