Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024 Link, Download Pre DElEd Hall Ticket


The Department of Elementary Education released the Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024 and announced that it will be conducting an entrance exam for admission to the D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) course. The exam will be held on 28th August 2024 and conducted by the Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University in Ajmer bstc admit card download.

Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card download 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Greetings, exam seekers! The eagerly awaited Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024 is on its way, courtesy of the diligent efforts by the Primary Education Bikaner Board. Brace yourselves to lay your hands on the Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024, as it will soon be up for grabs on the official portal, To secure this essential ticket to your examination journey, keep your registration number and date of birth at hand.

The Countdown to BSTC Exam 2024

Mark your calendars, for the Rajasthan BSTC Exam 2024 is scheduled for the 28th of August in the afternoon session, starting from 2:00 PM and concluding at 5:00 PM. This educational extravaganza will be hosted across a whopping 2300 examination centers that are peppered throughout the entire state of Rajasthan. Hold your breath for the astonishing numbers – a staggering 8 lakh candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for the esteemed BSTC 2024 exam. Among them, 13,597 learners have opted for the enriching realm of Sanskrit, while a whopping 713,099 scholars are geared up for General Studies, and not to be forgotten, 24,436 bright minds are ready to tackle both these subjects head-on.

BSTC Admit Card 2023
BSTC Admit Card 2024

Introducing the Rajasthan BSTC Authority

Guiding this academic voyage is the Department of Elementary Education, Rajasthan. With their skilled hands at the wheel, the Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024 is ready to set sail for your educational destination. Yes, it’s a Pre D.El.Ed. Exam 2024, BSTC stands for the Basic School Teaching Course. This admission ticket, categorized as an Admit Card, holds the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity.

Key Information at a Glance

Admit Card AvailabilityReleased????
Admit Card RetrievalAccess through ‘SIGN IN’ using application details????
Admit Card TipsDownload during off-peak hours for smoother experience????
Technical GlitchesOngoing server recovery; consider nighttime for better access????️
Negative MarkingNo negative marking for incorrect answers
Application ChangesLast date for changes was 4th August
Cutoff AnnouncementCutoff marks to be revealed post-exam for selection process????
Exam Date28th August 2024 (Monday)????️
Exam Time2:00 PM to 5:00 PM????
Exam ModeOffline (Pen Paper Based)????
Total Marks600????
Exam Sections– Mental Ability (150 marks) \n- General Awareness of Rajasthan (150 marks) \n- Teaching Aptitude (150 marks) \n- Language Ability: English (60 marks), Sanskrit (90 marks), Hindi (90 marks)????

The Road to Admit Card Retrieval

Listen up, future educators! The countdown begins at least one week before the examination, giving you ample time to secure your Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card 2024. To embark on this journey, visit the official website where the virtual gateway awaits your arrival: With your registration number and birth date, navigate the result download form to secure your golden ticket.

Rajasthan Pre DElEd Admit Card 2024: Unveiling the Next Chapter

Hold tight, as the Rajasthan Department of Education is set to unfurl the next chapter in your academic saga. A classic offline written exam is on the horizon, paving the path for promising individuals to enter the hallowed halls of the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) program, previously known as BSTC.

Date with Destiny: 28th August 2024

The powers at the Department of Elementary Education, Rajasthan, have proclaimed the grand date: 28th August 2024. As the sun rises on that day, the Rajasthan BSTC exam will spring to life across many examination centers. And guess what? The magical key to this endeavor – the Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card – will be unveiled on their digital domain,

Your Admit Card: Your Passage to Success

Dear aspirants, consider this your official boarding pass. A printed copy of your Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card is your ticket to the examination hall. Remember, without it, the doors to knowledge remain firmly shut. Beyond being a mere piece of paper, this card holds the treasures of exam details – your designated exam venue and the time when your journey to knowledge commences. Armed with these details, you’re well-equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

BSTC Admit Card 2023
bstc 2023 exam date

Live Updates: Rajasthan Pre D.El.Ed Admit Card Unveiled

Hey there, eager learners! We’re here to inform you about the latest happenings regarding the Rajasthan Pre D.El.Ed Admit Card. So, let’s dive into the buzz!

Technical Glitch Alert!

Hold your horses, folks! The office website seems to be having a bit of a hiccup. Reports are pouring in about a ‘505’ error flashing on screens. Don’t fret, though. We’re confident the tech wizards are on it.

Navigating the Admit Card Maze

Some of you might be searching for the elusive admit card link on the homepage. Fret not! It’s not hiding, just playing a bit coy. To unveil it, your first step is the ‘Apply Online/Sign In’ tab. Once you’re there, the magic awaits.

A Roller Coaster Ride: Login Server Woes

Hold your breath, adventurers. The login server seems to have taken the emotional roller coaster. Some have snagged admit cards successfully, while others are in a virtual queue. For advice, try your luck during the odd hours for a smoother ride.

After the Darkness, Dawn Breaks

Heads up, night owls! A glimmer of hope emerges for those who encountered a crashed login server. The wee hours might be your golden ticket. As the traffic mellows down, you might have a clearer path to your admit card.

Admit Card Unleashed

Rejoice, brave contenders! The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Your prized possession, the admit card, is now accessible. Navigate to the login section, and there it shall be, gleaming like a beacon of opportunity.


The Fear of Minus Marks

Worries about negative marking weighing you down? Fret not! The exam’s compass doesn’t include any negative markings for incorrect answers. It’s your time to shine without the shadow of deductions.

Application Form Tweaks: Time’s Up!

In the realm of application forms, changes have an expiry date. Alas, the last tweak date passed on the 4th of August. Time to sit back and let destiny take its course.

The Cutoff Conundrum

Anticipation is in the air, as is the question about cutoff marks. The suspense won’t linger for long. The post-exam buzz will reveal the minimum marks needed to ace the selection game, propelling you into the realm of personal interviews.

Circle the Date: BSTC Pre Deled Exam 2023

Get ready to mark your calendars with a vibrant highlighter! The Rajasthan BSTC Pre Deled Exam 2023 is set for the 28th, August 2023, a Monday. Across 33 districts of the state, 6 lakhs 18 thousand 870 hopefuls will put their knowledge to the test. From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, they’ll tackle the exam in its offline glory Rajasthan BSTC Exam.

The Exam Blueprint

600 marks, four sections – here’s the breakdown:

  • Mental Ability: 50 MCQs worth 150 marks
  • General Awareness of Rajasthan: 50 MCQs worth 150 marks
  • Teaching Aptitude: 50 MCQs worth 150 marks
  • Language Ability: English (20 MCQs of 60 marks), Sanskrit (30 MCQs of 90 marks), Hindi (30 MCQs of 90 marks)

The Treasure Hunt: Downloading BSTC Admit Card 2023

For those eager to unearth their admit cards, here’s your treasure map:

  1. Visit the realm of BSTC at
  2. Navigate to ‘SIGN IN’
  3. Unlock your account using the application details
  4. Retrieve the Rajasthan Pre-Deled Admit Card
  5. Behold your ticket to success, and print it for safekeeping
Has the BSTC 2023 admit card been released yet?

The pre-DLED exam in the state is scheduled to take place on August 28, 2023. The Rajasthan BSTC Admit Card Download 2023 will be launched on the official website on August 21, 2023.

Is BSTC admit card released?

Pre D.EI.Ed Examination 2023 are scheduled on 28 August 2023 and bstc admit card download is released by August 21st, 2023 on the official website portal at and applicants can download it from the official portal.

What is the date of BSTC Form 2023 near Jaipur Rajasthan?

Ans. The filling of BSTC 2023 form is start from 10 July 2023. The last date to fill the online application form for BSTC 2023 (Pre D.El.Ed) is 30 July 2023.

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