Bank of India balance by dialling the BOI Balance Enquiry Number for 2023.


Bank of India (BOI) accountholders can conveniently monitor their account balance through multiple methods, including Mobile, net banking, and SMS. Read on to discover the steps for checking your BOI account balance, utilizing options such as SMS, Netbanking, BOI balance check online, Phone Banking, ATM, and Passbook. BOI, also known as Bank of India, offers various banking services, including savings accounts, personal loans, home loans, and other financial products. To ensure that customers remain well-informed about their financial standing, BOI Bank statement has introduced a range of mechanisms for verifying the BOI balance enquiry.

From creating an account to handling payments, BOI provides online users easy access to banking services through its advanced internet banking, modern mobile banking, and user-friendly SMS services. Let us introduce you to the Bank of India balance check number – a vital tool for checking your account balance. We will also explore other BOI balance inquiry methods, all conveniently accessible via your mobile device, internet banking, and SMS.

BOI Balance Enquiry Number 2023

Bank of India customers have various convenient methods to instantly inquire about their account balance from the comfort of their homes. These options include utilizing the Bank Passbook, ATM, Net Banking, SMS Banking, and more. To facilitate this, Bank of India has introduced a dedicated bank balance enquiry number, now updated to 9266135135. The BOI Balance Enquiry service offers a comprehensive overview of all account holder’s deposits and withdrawals. This tool serves to monitor finances effectively, check the Bank of India account balance, safeguard against potential fraudulent activities, and gain insights into spending patterns regularly.

MethodHow to Access
SMSSend “BAL <SMSPassword>” to +919810558585
Missed CallGive a miss call to 9266135135
Net BankingLog in to BOI’s website using net banking credentials
Mobile BankingUse BOI BTM, BOI StarToken, or BOI StarGlobal apps
USSDDial 9947#

To conveniently access the Bank of India balance enquiry number, you only need to initiate a miss call to 9266135135. Acknowledging that the Bank of India is a prominent institution with an extensive customer base is essential. An important update is the recent change in the missed call balance enquiry number for Bank of India, which has been updated to the new number – 9266135135. We strongly encourage all customers to take a moment to recognize this alteration and employ the newly provided number for all their balance check SMS needs. This approach ensures a seamless and effective way to stay up-to-date with your account information, including your BOI bank statement.

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BOI Balance Enquiry through SMS

To swiftly obtain your BOI account balance, SMS “BAL <SMSPassword>” to +919810558585 from your registered mobile number. If you possess a single account, the displayed balance will be for your primary account.

BOI Balance Enquiry through Missed Call

Give a miss call to 9266135135 from your registered mobile number. This hassle-free method instantly provides you with your current account balance.

BOI Balance Enquiry through Net Banking

For those registered for net banking, accessing your account balance is as easy as logging into the Bank of India website using your net banking login credentials. Your net banking and mobile banking credentials are identical. The bank’s website also offers banking services such as account statements and fund transfers.

Stay tuned for the next part of this guide, where we will continue exploring additional methods to check your BOI account balance and keep tabs on your finances.

BOI Balance Enquiry through Mobile and USSD

In the previous section, we covered some simple ways to check your BOI account balance. Now, let’s move forward and explore more options to manage your finances effortlessly:

BOI Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking

Bank of India offers its account holders the convenience of mobile banking through applications like BOI BTM, BOI StarToken, and BOI StarGlobal. Using these apps, customers can receive account balance updates via SMS. This service is convenient and cost-effective, eliminating the need for additional transactions.

BOI Balance Enquiry through USSD

Dial 9947# to access your BOI account balance swiftly. This USSD code provides a quick and direct way to inquire about your finances.

Stay tuned for the final part of this guide, where we will conclude our exploration of BOI balance enquiry methods.

BOI Balance Enquiry Tips and Additional Information

In the previous sections, we discussed various methods to check your Bank of India (BOI) account balance. Let’s wrap up our guide with some tips and additional information:

BOI Balance Check Number and More

To inquire about your BOI account balance, give a miss call to 9266135135 from your registered mobile number. This updated balance check number provides instant access to your financial information.


Last 5 Transactions Mini Statement

While you can’t access a mini boi bank statement directly via the miss-call method, you can still obtain the details. Give a miss call to 9266135135 with your registered mobile number, and the bank will automatically send you an SMS containing the account balance details, providing insights into your last five transactions.

Balance by Net Banking

BOI account holders with net banking credentials can log into the bank’s website. Once logged in, the account balance check option and other banking services are readily available.

Mobile Banking Convenience

For those who prefer mobile banking, the BOI BTM, BOI StarToken, and BOI StarGlobal apps offer easy access to account balances via SMS.

BOI Balance by SMS

Send the message “BAL <SMSPassword>” to +919810558585 from your registered mobile number to receive your account balance details via SMS.

These methods let you stay on top of your finances and ensure a seamless banking experience with the Bank of India. boi bank statement: Always use the best method that suits your needs and preferences. Happy banking!

SMS Keywords

KeywordMessage FormatExample
BALBAL <SMSPassword>BAL 1111
BAL <SMSPassword> <Accountnumber>BAL 1111 012211100012345
TRANSTRANS <SMSPassword>TRANS-1111 012211100012345
TRANS <SMSPassword> <Accountnumber>TRANS 1111 012211100012345

Bank of India Account Balance

In this guide, we’ll explore different methods for Bank of India (BOI) account holders to check their account balances conveniently. We’ve covered you, from digital avenues to the traditional passbook method. Let’s dive into the options available:

Bank of India Services: Hassle-free Banking at Your Fingertips

In this digital age, accessing your Bank of India account and checking your balance has become easier. The missed call service and SMS banking provide a convenient way to connect with your financial status. Here’s a detailed guide to make the most of these services BOI balance check online:

Bank of India Balance via the Missed Call Service?

Are you eager to stay updated on your Bank of India balance with just a missed call? Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Ensure your mobile number is registered with Bank of India.
  • Step 2: Dial 09015135135 from your registered mobile number.
  • Step 3: Await a prompt message from the bank, revealing your account balance.
  • Step 4: If your phone number is already linked, a miss call to 09266135135 is all you need.
  • Step 5: Await the bank’s message confirming your account balance.

Activating the Bank of India SMS Banking Service?

Activate SMS banking to access your account balance effortlessly. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit your local Bank of India branch or use internet banking.
  • Step 2: For branch activation, fill and submit the required form.
  • Step 3: For internet banking activation:
  1. Log in to your Bank of India net banking account.
  2. Navigate to the request menu and select BTM mobile banking tab.
  3. Download the app and provide details.
  4. SMS “STAROTP” to +919810558585.
  5. Receive an OTP from Bank of India.
  6. Enter the OTP and MPIN to activate SMS service.

Bank of India Account Balance via SMS

With SMS banking activated and your number registered, checking your balance is just a text away:

  1. SMS “BAL 1111” to 919810558585 to check all account balances, including Bank of India debit card accounts.
  2. If you hold multiple Bank of India accounts, message “BAL (Your SMS Password) (Account Number)” to 919810558585.

Bank of India Cheque Status and Password Change via SMS?

To check your Bank of India mini statement, simply SMS “CHQSTS (SMS Password) (Cheque Number)” to 919810558585.

Enhance account security by changing your password:

  1. SMS “CHGPWD (Old Password) (New Password)” to 91-9810558585.
  2. After changing the password, you’ll receive a confirmation message from the bank.

Note: Contact the bank immediately if you haven’t requested a password change.

Bank of India Balance via ATM?

Traditional methods still hold value. Follow these steps to check your Bank of India account balance at an ATM:

  • Step 1: Insert your ATM card and swipe it.
  • Step 2: Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘balance inquiry’ from the options.
  • Step 4: Complete the transaction and receive your balance.

Mobile Banking Method

  1. Visit ww
  2. Click on the “Mobile Banking” link.
  3. Navigate to “StarConnect Mobile Banking.”
  4. Log in using your Mobile Banking Userid & Password. (Note: Internet banking and Mobile Banking Userid & Password are the same.)
  5. Provide your registered mobile number and set/change your SMS password (4 digits) by clicking “Set/Change SMS Password.”
  6. Send “BAL <SMSPassword>” to +919810558585 from your registered mobile number for multiple accounts. The balance displayed will be for secondary accounts.

Balance Enquiry via Passbook

One of the simplest ways to stay updated on your account balance is by visiting your nearest Bank of India branch and updating your passbook. Every account holder is provided with a passbook that serves as a transaction history and can also be used to perform a BOI balance check online, giving you insight into your debit and credit BOI balance check sms transactions. This passbook can conveniently be updated at the bank branch, offering a comprehensive view of your financial activity. Alternatively, for a modern and convenient approach, you can leverage digital methods such as net banking or mobile banking from your home to perform a BOI balance check online. This allows you to access your account details, including your transaction history and BOI bank statement, with ease and efficiency BOI balance check sms.

Balance Enquiry via ATM Cards

To check your account balance using your BOI ATM card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest ATM of any bank with your valid BOI ATM card.
  2. Insert the BOI ATM card into the machine.
  3. Select the “BOI Balance Enquiry” option.
  4. The balance will be displayed on the screen boi bank statement.

Customer Care Assistance

Bank of India account holders can also enquire about their account balance by contacting customer care at 1800 103 1906. Follow these steps:

  1. Call the customer care number.
  2. Choose your preferred “language” and “banking option.”
  3. Enter your 15-digit account number or 16-digit debit card number.
  4. Provide your ATM pin to retrieve the account balance.

Stay informed about your finances with these convenient BOI balance enquiry methods. Choose the one that suits your preference and enjoy hassle-free access to your account balance.

Bank of India Balance Check Options: A Comprehensive Guide?

Several convenient methods exist for Bank of India customers to check their account balance. Whether through toll-free numbers, SMS banking, missed calls, ATMs, net banking, mobile banking, passbooks, or UPI applications, Bank of India offers a variety of options to suit your preferences. Here’s a comprehensive guide to each method boi bank statement:

  1. Bank of India Balance Check Number Toll-free:
    • Registered customers can call the toll-free number to check their account balance.
    • Simply use the BOI Bank Balance Check Number: +919810558585.
  2. Bank of India Balance Check Number for SMS Banking:
    • Activate SMS banking services through the BOI online portal.
    • Send an SMS ‘BALANCE<4-digit Password>’ to +919810558585 to check balance.
    • Send ‘BALANCE<4-digit Password><Account Number>’ for specific account balance.
    • For mini statements, send ‘TRANS<4-digit Password>’ or ‘TRANS<4-digit Password><Account Number>’.
  3. BOI Balance Check Number for Missed Call:
    • Give a missed call to the BOI Balance Enquiry Number: 9266135135.
    • The bank will send the account balance details to your registered mobile number.
  4. BOI Balance Enquiry Process through ATM:
    • Visit the nearest ATM.
    • Insert/swipe your ATM card and enter the 4-digit ATM PIN.
    • Select ‘Balance Check’ option to view your account balance on the screen BOI balance check online.
  5. Bank of India Balance Check through Net Banking:
    • Log in to your BOI Net Banking account.
    • Select ‘View Account Details’ and then ‘Check Account Balance’.
    • Your current account balance will be displayed.
  6. BOI Bank Balance Check through Mobile Banking:
    • Open the BOI mobile banking app.
    • Log in using your registered mobile number and MPIN.
    • Go to ‘My Accounts’ and click ‘View Account Balance’.
  7. Bank of India Balance Enquiry through Passbook:
    • Use the BOI passbook to keep track of your account balance and transactions.
    • You can also use the BOI passbook feature on the mobile app.
  8. BOI Balance Enquiry through UPI:
    • Open any UPI application on your smartphone.
    • Navigate to ‘Account Details’ and select ‘Check Account Balance’.
    • Choose the bank account and enter your UPI PIN for balance details BOI balance check sms.

FAQ’S bank of India balance check

How to check the Bank of India balance by SMS?

BOI Account holders must SMS “BAL ” to +919810558585  from the registered mobile number to enquire about the account balance.

Can a bank branch be visited to enquire about the account balance?

No, visiting a bank branch to enquire about the account balance is unnecessary. Account-holders can get BOI balance check the online balance by giving a missed call to 9266135135 from their registered mobile number, using net banking or mobile banking or SMS “BAL ” from their registered mobile number +919810558585.

How can an account holder use net banking to enquire about the account balance?

BOI Account holders can log in to the net banking portal with the help of a Login User ID and Password to check the account balance. In case the account holder is not registered for net banking, he needs to visit the branch to get himself registered BOI balance check sms.

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