Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call, SMS


Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry Number shows a summary of all the money that an account holder withdraws from the account. It helps track finances, check Bandhan Bank account balance, save from fraudulent activity and understand spending habits regularly. Bandhan Bank is considered to be one of the leading banks in India. You may use this service if you are a Bandhan Bank customer and your mobile number is registered with the Bank. If you haven’t registered your mobile number with the Bandhan Bank yet, you may Contact the home branch and get this task done.

Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry

Customers of the bank can make balance enquiries using various ways to know the present available balance in the account. The bank provides a balance check toll-free number to get their account balance instantly. By following the below methods you can check Bandhan bank balance enquiry number Account Balance for Savings & Current accounts.

MethodInstructions / Code
Balance Enquiry through SMSSMS BAL <Account Number> to 9223011000
Balance Enquiry through Net BankingVisit Bandhan Bank’s website
Balance Enquiry through Missed CallGive miss call on 9223008666
Balance Enquiry through Mobile BankingUse mBandhan Mobile App
Balance Enquiry through USSDEnter *99#

Bandhan Bank Balance Check Number

Bandhan Bank has introduced a toll-free number that allows customers to easily inquire about their savings and current account balance statements through missed calls and SMS. This service is available to registered bank customers around the clock (24/7), providing convenient access to their account balance statements. Customers can utilise this facility anytime and anywhere like other banks’ balance enquiry missed call numbers.

  • The Bandhan Bank Balance Check Number is 9223008666.
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missed call

Bandhan Bank Account holders should give a miss call on the following number with the registered mobile number to know the Bandhan Bank Account Balance. To get the list of Bandhan Bank last five transactions, Customers should give a miss call on the Above number with the registered mobile number. The Bandhan bank balance enquiry number call will get disconnected automatically and the Bandhan Bank will send an SMS containing the Account Balance details to the customer’s registered mobile number.

Please Note – Pre requisite: Your mobile number should be registered with us against your account number/customer ID level. If you have multiple account number, you need to first choose one account as primary account, to do so SMS: SETPRIME to 9223011000.

  • Bandhan Bank Balance Check – 9223008666
  • Bandhan Bank Last 5 Transactions – 9223008777

How to Check Bandhan Bank Account Balance by Missed Call

The Missed Call Banking Service offers a convenient way to check your account balance. You can access this facility by simply giving a missed call to 9223008666 in line with the provided guidelines. Follow the steps below to use this service with any mobile phone connected to your account:

  • Dial the toll-free number 9223008666 from your registered mobile number.
  • Once connected, the call will automatically end after a ring.
  • Subsequently, Bandhan Bank will send you an SMS containing your account balance.
  • If you have multiple accounts linked to the phone number, you can call again to view the total balance of all accounts.

How to do Bandhan Bank Balance Check by SMS

You can access Bandhan Bank’s SMS Banking service using your registered mobile number. You will receive a response containing your bank account balance by sending an SMS to the designated SMS banking number using a predefined message format. The following syntax outlines the process for retrieving account balances via SMS:

  • Send an SMS using the provided format from your registered mobile number:
  • SMS BAL <Account Number> to 9223011000
SMS to be sentSMS to 9223011000Example
To register your mobile numberREG <Account Number>REG 1013XXXXXX2723
Balance InquiryBAL <Account Number>BAL 1013XXXXXX2723
Check Mini StatementMINI <Account Number>MINI 1013XXXXXX2723

Net Banking

Bandhan Bank Account holders who have availed the net banking facility can check the account balance through net banking. Account holders should login using the User ID and passwd and check the account balance tab on the dashboard.

Bandhan Bank Customers can avail their Bandhan Bank account Balance through the Bandhan Bank net banking website via Bandhan Bank mobile banking platform

How to Check Bandhan Bank Account Balance through Net Banking

  • Access Bandhan Bank’s online banking portal at
  • Log in using your Username and Password to reach your account’s dashboard.
  • Select the account number you want to check within the dashboard to view its current balance.

Check Balance using Bandhan Bank ATM Card

You can use Bandhan Bank ATM Card to find the bank balance. It can be used on any of the bank ATM Card for free of cost. You can follow the following steps to find the bank balance using the ATM Card-

  • Insert your ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN and press Confirm
  • Select the Balance inquiry option and find the bank balance

Mobile Banking

Bandhan Bank Account holders can download the Bandhan Bank Mobile Apps and UPI apps on their smartphones to check the account balances. Here is the list of all Bandhan Bank Mobile Apps..

  • Download mBandhan App on your Android or Apple phone. Please note that you can register mBandhan only on the mobile handset which contains the registered mobile number’s SIM card inserted within it. For Android, please visit Google Play Store and install the mBandhan App For Apple, please visit App Store and install the mBandhan App
  • Once mBandhan is installed on the device, to register on mBandhan, you would need to verify details such as Account Number/CIF Number and Internet Banking/Debit Card credentials. The App with give you an option of setting 6-digit Login PIN, 6-digit Transaction PIN and answers to 5 secret questions chosen by you.
  • Once you have registered on the App, enter your 6-digit Login PIN. To ensure maximum security, the 6-digit Login PIN will be prompted whenever you wish to login.
  • The Bandhan Bank Mobile app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Bandhan Bank UPI app is available in Various languages.


The easiest way to know the account balance is to visit the branch of Bandhan Bank and get passbook updated. Bandhan Bank provides passbook to every customer opening a bank account with the bank. Customers can update their passbook by visiting the nearest bank branch to check Bandhan Bank Account Balance. Bandhan Bank passbook contains the complete information of all the debit and credit transactions made by the account holder. Alternatively, account holders can do Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry by net banking mobile banking services from the convenience of home.

Bandhan Bank Balance Check by Passbook Printing

Additionally, you can check your account balance by visiting a Bandhan Bank branch. They will help you update your passbook and provide a history of any previous transactions and your current bank balance.

  • Go to the nearby bank branch.
  • Contact to helpdesk officer for passbook printing.
  • OR use an automated passbook printing facility.
  • Print the transaction history for all Debits & Credits.
  • The available balance of the account also displayed at the end of the statement.

How to Know Bandhan Bank Account Balance by mBandhan App

The mBandhan Mobile Banking application offered by Bandhan Bank allows registered customers to access their account balances through their smartphones conveniently. With a few simple steps, anyone can effortlessly check their available balance.

For Savings Account-

Savings Account TypeAverage Monthly Balance Requirement
Premium Savings AccountRs. 1, 00, 000
Advantage Savings AccountRs. 25, 000
Sanchay Savings AccountRs. 2, 000
Standard Savings AccountRs. 5, 000
Special Savings AccountRs. 5, 000
GOS Savings AccountNil
TASC Savings AccountNil
BSBDA Savings AccountNil
BSBDA-Small Savings AccountNil

For Current Account

Current Account TypeAverage Monthly Balance Requirement
Premium Current AccountRs. 1, 00, 000
Advantage Current  AccountRs. 25, 000
Standard Current AccountRs. 5, 000
Samruddhi Current  AccountRs. 5, 000

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Registered users can log in using their User ID and MPIN or Biometrics.
  • Upon successful login, the mBandhan app will synchronize your passbook entries.
  • The account balance will be displayed on the dashboard of the m-Bandhan app.
  • To access the app, you can download the M-Bandhan App from Google Play Store for Android users or from the Apple App Store for iOS users.

Customer Care

Bandhan Bank Account holders can call the Bandhan Bank customer care number 1800-258-8181 to enquire the account balance. After calling, select the “language” and “banking option”. Enter the 12 digit account number 16 digit debit card number. Enter the ATM pin to get the account balance Bandhan Bank customer.

FAQ’S Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry

How to check the Account Balance of Bandhan Bank by SMS?

To check the balance of your Bandhan account through SMS, send the text ‘BAL’ to 9223011000 from the registered mobile number.

How can an account user utilize net banking to check the amount of his or her account?

Bandhan bank balance enquiry number users may see their account balances by logging into the net-banking site using their Login User ID and Password. If the account holder is not yet registered for online banking, he must visit a branch to do so.

How to check Bandhan Bank Account Balance by Missed Call Banking?

To find out the amount of your Bandhan Bank customer, place a missed call to the toll-free number 9223008666. You may get the mini statement by placing a missed call to another toll-free number.

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