AR Rahman Net Worth 2024: ₹1748 Crores ($210 Million) Biography, Wife, Age, Height, Weight


AR Rahman, the “Mozart of Madras,” is renowned for his extraordinary musical talent and global acclaim. His journey from a talented young composer to a legendary music master shows his unmatched skill and commitment to creating heartfelt music. Known for his wealth and fame, let’s delve into AR Rahman net worth 2024. In addition to his remarkable ar rahman songs and ar rahman movies, Rahman has also been a dedicated family man.

NameAR Rahman
Net Worth$80 Million
Salary50 Crore +
Monthly Income4 Crore +
Age57 Years
Height[Not Specified]
Date Of Birth1967-01-06
AR Rahman Age 1

AR Rahman: A Musical Genius

Journey to Stardom

AR Rahman’s transformation from a child prodigy in Chennai to a worldwide music icon is remarkable. His music crosses cultural barriers, connecting universally with audiences. For over thirty years, he has created and sung timeless classics. His legacy strengthens as he keeps growing and experimenting, inspiring future generations. AR Rahman isn’t just a musical virtuoso; he’s a force that has reshaped music, one tune at a time. Let’s look at his net worth while he continues to enchant with his melodies.

AR Rahman’s Net Worth Early Life and Background

S. Dileep Kumar, better known as AR Rahman, was born in the former Madras on January 6, 1967. His father, R.K. Shekhar, came from a musical family and composed and conducted music for Tamil and Malayalam films. His mother, Kareema Begum, was a homemaker. Raised in a music-filled environment, Rahman showed a natural talent for music from a young age. He began playing the piano at four and helped his father in studios.


AR Rahman: Financial and Career Overview (2024)

Detail Information
Name AR Rahman
Net Worth (2024) $210 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees ₹1748 Crore INR
Profession Indian Musical Composer and Record Producer
Monthly Income 15 Crore +
Yearly Income 150 Crore +
Genres Filmi, Indian Classical, World Music
Years Active 1992–present
Last Updated 2024

AR Rahman: The Musical Maestro’s Career and Net Worth

AR Rahman’s profession encompasses a wide range of roles in the music industry. His career has seen remarkable growth, with significant earnings and an impressive net worth. Rahman’s talents include being an Indian singer, musician, composer, recordist, music programmer, music director, actor, judge, and a performer in live shows.

Not only does Rahman excel in these areas, but his musical repertoire is vast. Although he primarily sings in Hindi and English, his love for music and dedication to his fans have led him to sing in various other Indian languages. This versatility makes him one of the most beloved voices in India. His hard work and immense talent have positioned him as one of the highest-paid singers in the country.

AR Rahman’s Assets and Earnings

assets owned by AR Rahman:

Homes: AR Rahman lives in a luxurious house in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He purchased this high-end property in 2001, estimated at about Rs. 15 Crores INR.

Cars: Though modest in size, AR Rahman’s car collection includes some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles. His garage features brands like Jaguar, Mercedes, and Volvo, each car valued at approximately 1 to 1.5 Crore.

Average Earnings and Remuneration:



Estimated Net Worth

Rs. 1748 Crore INR

Average Remuneration

Rs. 50 Crore INR

Brand Endorsement Fee

Rs. 30 Crore INR

Luxury Cars

Rs. 50 Crore INR

Personal Investments

Rs. 500 Crores INR

Dependency on AR Rahman’s Net Worth:

Celebrities like AR Rahman often rely heavily on their fan base for income. AR Rahman, a renowned singer and composer, enjoys immense popularity in cinema. His roles extend beyond singing; he is also a music director, producer, live performer, and actor. Given his widespread fame and multifaceted career, we can confidently expect AR Rahman’s net worth to continue its upward trajectory.

AR Rahman Age

AR Rahman: A Musical Legend’s Profile

As a true music enthusiast, you might already know some interesting facts about AR Rahman, listed below in simple terms:

AR Rahman, born on 6 January 1967 in Madras, India, was originally named A.S Dileep Kumar. Let’s look at some key details about him:

Detail Information
Name A. R. Rahman
Profession Indian Musical Composer and Record Producer
Age 56 Years Old
Official Twitter Handle Twitter
Birth Date 6 January 1967
Height 1.65 m
Birth Place Chennai
Spouse Saira Banu (m. 1995)
Country India
Children Khatija Rahman, A. R. Ameen, Rahima Rahman
Parents R. K. Shekhar, Kareema Beegum
Estimated Net Worth (2024) ₹1748 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Income 150 Crore

AR Rahman’s Career Journey

AR Rahman, a musical prodigy, began playing instruments like the Casio piano at 11 years old. His skill set extends to other instruments, including the guitar, percussion, drums, harpejji, continuum fingerboard, keyboard, piano, accordion, goblet drum, and concert harp.

As a child, AR Rahman gained fame on Doordarshan’s show ‘Wonder Balloon’, known for his ability to play four keyboards simultaneously, a skill that later reflected in the creation of iconic “AR Rahman songs.” Despite his early musical prowess, which would eventually contribute to his “AR Rahman Net Worth 2024,” Rahman initially dreamed of becoming a computer engineer. This early ambition was far from the cinematic world of “AR Rahman movies” and the familial support of the “AR Rahman family” that would later define his career.

Here are some notable highlights from his career:

  • In November 2013, a street in Markham, Ontario, Canada, was named after him.
  • Beyond his acclaimed work in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, he has composed for Hollywood movies like ‘127 Hours’ and ‘Lord Of War’.
  • As of 2014, his accolades include 4 National Awards, 15 Filmfare Awards, and 14 Filmfare Awards South, winning 117 out of 138 award nominations.
  • Remarkably, he is the first Asian to win 2 Oscars in the same year.

While we all cherish learning about our favorite celebrities, AR Rahman’s life is particularly captivating. We’ve tried to offer a glimpse into the life of this celebrated artist.

AR Rahman net worth 2024

As we conclude, we extend our best wishes to AR Rahman, a renowned figure known for his “AR Rahman songs” and contributions to “AR Rahman movies,” for a melodious and successful year ahead. We hope he continues to achieve more, maintain good health, receive love from his “AR Rahman family,” and see his net worth, which is a keen interest for many as “AR Rahman Net Worth 2024,” grow. May he continue to win and prosper in all his artistic and personal endeavors!

Personal Life

A. R. Rahman is a family man. He’s married to Saira Banu, and they have three children: Khatija, Raheema, and Ameen. 

Religious Conversion In 1989, Rahman and his family converted to Islam from Hinduism, which his parents practised. This change was influenced by the teachings of Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, especially after the loss of his father.

He’s strongly supported Save the Children India and serves as a global ambassador for the Stop TB Partnership. In addition to his philanthropic work, AR Rahman, known for his impressive “AR Rahman net worth 2024,” has made significant contributions to the world of music through “AR Rahman songs” and “AR Rahman movies.” In 2008, he founded the KM Music Conservatory, which provides music education to underprivileged children, reflecting his dedication to both his career and his “AR Rahman family.” In 2019, he held a Sufi Benefit Concert at Pratham’s New York gala, an NGO focusing on educating India’s disadvantaged youth, further showcasing the impact of his artistic and charitable endeavors.

Net Worth Disclaimer: Our net worth figures are based on publicly available data and may include private tips and feedback. While we strive for accuracy, please note that these numbers are estimates and subject to correction. Your feedback is welcome ar rahman movies.

A.R. Rahman’s Net Worth

A.R. Rahman has amassed substantial wealth after an illustrious career spanning over three decades. His journey began with an initial earning of INR 25,000 for his debut film, “Roja.” As of 2024, according to BIO SPC PORTAL, Rahman’s net worth stands at an impressive INR 1,748 crores. He commands a substantial fee of INR 8 to 10 crores for composing music for a film, and for his live performances, he charges around INR 1-2 crores for a one-hour show. It’s his substantial fees that primarily contribute to his immense net worth.

How much does AR Rahman earn?

Highest Paid Bollywood Singer 2023
Several reports indicate that AR Rahman charges Rs 3 crore per song. Some reports also suggest that his fees can go up to Rs 5 crore. Even for his concerts and stage performances, the singer charges around Rs 1 crore ar rahman family.

What made AR Rahman famous?

Rahman is known for his extensive body of work for film and stage, for his stylistic range as a composer, and for his integration of assorted styles of music in his compositions. His most widely known score, for the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire, earned him BAFTA, Golden Globe, Academy, and Grammy awards.

Who is the highest-paid singer in India?

A. R. Rahman According to the latest reports, A. R. Rahman is the highest-paid musician in India, with no other musician even coming close to matching his compensation. Reportedly, he earns a staggering Rs. 3 crore per song as a full-time music director and part-time singer. Yes, you heard that right ar rahman songs.

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