Starbucks Valentine Cups 2024: The Merchandise Has Arrived – Prepare to Fall in Love!


On January 5th, Starbucks exclusively at Target locations, revealed their 2024 Valentine’s Day special — the Starbucks valentines cups. The highlight of this romantic collection was the limited-edition, shimmery pink Stanley 40-ounce Quencher, a Starbucks heart cups that captured the season’s essence. The turnout for the Starbucks valentines cups 2024 was astonishing, with lines surpassing those typically seen during the frenzied shopping sprees of Black Friday. Based on our official assessment, the release of these Starbucks love cups could be considered the new hallmark of shopping fervor, akin to Black Friday’s rush. To fully grasp the excitement surrounding these Starbucks romantic cups, we embedded ourselves in the early morning line at 7:30 a.m., witnessing firsthand the dedication of the patrons.

on January 3rd, aiming to be present when the doors opened at 8 a.m. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the cup. Nevertheless, we met individuals who were not only there for themselves but also for their best friends and spouses, hoping to acquire the most sought-after product of 2024 so far. 

Limited Edition Cup Releases

Cup Type Release Date Color
Peachy-Pink Matte May Peachy-Pink
Bright Red November Bright Red
Shimmery Bright Pink January Shimmery Pink

The winter pink Starbucks x Stanley cup is now available, and you should consider grabbing one soon!


This limited edition 40-ounce quencher was released nationwide on a Wednesday in Starbucks stores and Target locations. However, it’s already making its way onto eBay, a popular third-party e-commerce platform.

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The shimmery bright pink cup marks the third collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley Quencher, following the peachy-pink matte cup released in May and the bright red cup launched in November.

Although many Starbucks stores have already sold out of this delightful cup, there’s still a glimmer of hope that you can secure one before they disappear completely.

☕ Starbucks Valentine Day Merchandise 2024 ☕

Product Description Features
Reusable Hot Cups (Pack of 6) – Color-changing and Fun! Featuring red and pink hues, adorned with hearts.

This year’s Valentine’s Day merchandise from Starbucks brings a touch of romance with vibrant red and pink-themed cups adorned with lovely hearts. One standout product is the pack of 6 reusable hot cups that add color to your beverages and change their appearance – a delightful addition to your collection! ❤️????

Jeweled Taffy Cold Cup (24 oz) ????????

Jeweled Taffy Cold Cup

Striped Taffy Water Bottle (20 oz) 

SBX2023109 Starbucks Valentines Day Merchandise Winter 2023 8


Heads will turn to glimpse the multi-colored stripes on this festive-colored water bottle. Price: $24.95** 

A Starbucks gift card or eGift featuring a Valentine’s Day design is a convenient way for customers to bring joy to someone they care about. Gift cards and eGifts can be loaded with up to $100 and can be easily placed in an envelope or sent via messaging platforms like iMessage or Microsoft Teams. ❤️☕

Valentine’s Day Confetti Cold Cup (24 oz) ????

starbucks valentines cups 2024, heart cups, love, romantic:

This bright heart and confetti-patterned cold cup is available exclusively at Starbucks cafés within Target locations. Price: $19.95** 

Love Letter Mug (14 oz

SBX2023109 Starbucks Valentines Day Merchandise Winter 2023 7

Sign, seal, and deliver your affection to a loved one with the fun postage stamp design on this Love Letter Mug. Price: $14.95** 

The Early Morning Quest for a Coveted Tumbler

Body: Arriving at a Target in Austin, Texas, just before the doors opened at 8 a.m., we were greeted by a queue of approximately 30 early birds. Surprisingly, the number swiftly grew to twice that size within a mere quarter of an hour.

What could draw such a crowd so early in the morning? A mere tumbler? The reason seemed elusive to some, like Pricila Fuentes, who found humor in her shift from being a Yeti enthusiast to waiting for a Stanley tumbler.


Pricila’s goal was to secure not just any tumblers, but a pair of the much-coveted Starbucks valentines cups 2024, specifically designed with a love theme. One of these Starbucks love cups was destined to become a heartfelt Galentine’s Day gift for her friend, with the intention for them to enjoy their Starbucks heart cups together. Pricila saw her actions as far more than a simple purchase; it was an emblematic display of camaraderie and affection. She articulated that her willingness to line up for these Starbucks romantic cups was a testament to their bond. “It’s not merely about the Starbucks valentines cups,” she declared with a smile. “It’s about the sentiment behind them, the personal effort of queuing up early, which really says ‘I appreciate and cherish you.

For Annabelle Koehler, the allure of a new color brought her out. On a mission to add a shimmery pink Stanley to her collection, her passion for collecting Starbucks tumblers was equally evident. She noted that this Target store was a treasure trove for such items. Koehler had also heard of others going to great lengths for these tumblers, with reports of enthusiasts camping overnight at different locations.

As the opening time approached, anticipation grew among the eager crowd, all vying for the exclusive Starbucks valentines cups 2024. Murmurs and guesses about the quantity of Starbucks heart cups in stock filled the air, with a few hopeful shoppers trying to get a glimpse through the windows for a preview of the Starbucks romantic cups selection. The growing tension was momentarily relieved when a Target employee stepped forward, revealing the scarcity of the sought-after Starbucks love cups: a mere 28 Starbucks valentines cups were available, strictly one per customer.

This revelation led to a slight dispersion in the line, as those beyond the twenty-eighth spot reckoned with their odds. Still, hope remained among the crowd, with some betting on the chance that couples might share a single tumbler. And as the clock struck 8 a.m., Target’s doors welcomed the determined shoppers.

Is the Starbucks Stanley Cup exclusively available at Target?

The cups were priced at $49.95 and were being sold exclusively in Starbucks stores located within Target locations. A Starbucks spokesperson mentioned in an email that there has been an ‘enthusiastic’ response to the product, and they will not be restocked once they are sold out.

What is the Pink Stanley Cup?

Pink Starbucks Stanley cups are causing a sensation.
These unique cups were initially introduced in May and had another release in November. The latest drop on Wednesday showcased a special pink winter edition of the beloved cup, known as the “Galentine’s Day” collection, in honor of the date dedicated to celebrating female friendship Starbucks heart cups.

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