???? GIS Changes 2024: What to Expect in Guaranteed Income Supplement Adjustments in Canada


One of the primary retirement programs in Canada is the Old Age Security (OAS), and everyone who reaches 65 years old is eligible for OAS payments in 2023, provided they meet specific residency requirements. Looking ahead, OAS Changes in 2024 are anticipated, which will further enhance the program’s effectiveness. In addition to this program, Canadians rely on private savings, employer-provided pensions, and other sources of income. Among the various senior benefits available in Quebec and across Canada, the Old Age Security Pension (OAS) for 2024 stands out as the most widely recognized, reflecting ongoing OAS Changes 2023 and expected OAS Changes 2024.

Millions of Canadians rely on Old Age Security to meet their financial needs during retirement. This program was established to provide seniors with a fundamental source of income. Discover more information about OAS changes in 2024 and the payment schedule for that year. Additionally, I have included essential information about the Old Age Security Pension, including the 2024 payment dates. You will also learn about the expected changes in OAS for the upcoming year.

???? Major Retirement Programs in Canada

  • Old Age Security (OAS) Eligibility: Available to those 65+ meeting residence conditions.
  • Components of Retirement Income: Includes private savings, employer pensions, and income.
  • OAS in 2024: Known for its widespread impact on Canadian retirees.
OAS Changes in 2024, Old Age Security

???? Old Age Security Changes 2024

  • Funding Source: Government tax revenues.
  • Difference from CPP: OAS is independent of job income.
  • Adjustments: Quarterly based on the Consumer Price Index.
  • 2024 Increase: From CAD 66,600 to CAD 68,500.

???? Old Age Security 2024 Details

Post TopicOAS Changes in 2024
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
Beneficiaries65+ retirees of Canada
CategoryGovernment Aid
2023 AmountCAD 66,500
2024 AmountCAD 68,500
Maximum Income Limit (MCL)CAD 90,997

???? Eligibility for OAS

  • Age Requirement: 65 years.
  • Residency: 10 years in Canada post-18 years.
  • Special Cases: Canadian citizens working overseas for Canadian employers.

Who is eligible for OAS?

OAS (Old Age Security) becomes payable when you reach 65 years of age. You will receive one of two letters from Service Canada in the month following your 64th birthday:

  1. A notice indicating your automatic enrollment selection.
  2. A letter instructing you to apply for OAS as soon as possible and informing you that you could be eligible.

To be eligible for OAS, you must be a Canadian citizen or a lawful resident who has lived in Canada for a minimum of ten years after turning 18.

If you are a Canadian working abroad for a Canadian employer, you may also be able to consider the time you spent working overseas as part of your Canadian residence, provided that you return to Canada within six months of leaving your job or if you turn 65 while still employed.

Additionally, if you have resided in a country with which Canada has a social security agreement or have made contributions to the social security system of such a nation, you may also qualify for an OAS pension or a pension from another country. 

????️ How OAS Works in Canada

  • Fixed Rate Benefit: CAD 778.45 (75+) and CAD 707.68 (64-74).
  • Residency Requirement: 10 years post-18 for partial benefits; 40 years for full benefits.
  • Immigrant Eligibility: Possible enhanced GIS for low-income immigrants.

???? OAS Increase for 2024

  • Objective: Provide secure retirement income for the elderly.
  • Monthly Payment: Increase to CAD 68,500 starting January 1, 2024.

???? Expected GIS Changes in Canada

  • Increase in OAS and GIS: Starting January 2024.
  • Basis for Increase: Inflation and Consumer Price Index.

???? GIS Income and Supplement Chart

StatusMaximum IncomeMaximum GIS
Single, Divorced, Widowed20,951.99 CAD1,032.10 CAD
Married/Common-Law27,647.99 CAD621.25 CAD
Partner Without OAS50,207.99 CAD1,032.10 CAD
Partner with Allowances38,735.99 CAD621.25 CAD

???? How to Apply for GIS

  1. Access GIS Portal: Visit the official website.
  2. Gather Information: SIN, spouse details, residence proof, banking details.
  3. Fill Application: Complete the form with necessary information.
  4. Attach Documents: Include required documents with the application.
  5. Submit: Finalize the process by submitting the applicatio OAS Changes 2023.

???? OAS Pension Payment Dates 2024

  • Payment Schedule: Regular updates on specific dates for 2024 payments.
  • Adjustment Periods: Consideration of inflation and cost of living changes.

Who Qualifies for OAS in Canada

  • Automatic Enrollment: Notification after 64th birthday.
  • Application Requirement: For those not enrolled automatically.
  • Residence Condition: Must have lived in Canada for a significant duration post-18.
  • Overseas Workers: Eligibility for Canadian citizens working abroad OAS payments in 2023.

???? OAS and Canadian Economy

  • OAS Impact: Significant portion of the government’s spending.
  • Predictions for 2050: Decrease in spending to GDP ratio from 3.1% to 2.6%.
  • Healthcare Expenditure: Expected increase from 12% to 18% of GDP in 2031.
  • Comparison with Other Countries: Canada’s lower GDP percentage allocation to public pensions.

???? OAS Increase Analysis for 2024

  • Rationale: To support retirees in coping with the cost of living.
  • Impact Assessment: Potential effect on the overall economy and individual retirees.

???? GIS Increase Analysis

  • Factors Influencing Increases: Economic conditions, inflation, and CPI.
  • Individual Impact: How the increase affects various income brackets.

???? Steps for GIS Application

  1. Visit Official GIS Portal: Navigate to the government website.
  2. Collect Necessary Documents: Personal identification, financial, and residency information.
  3. Complete the Form: Accurately fill in all required sections.
  4. Document Submission: Attach all necessary supporting documents.
  5. Application Review and Submission: Ensure accuracy before final submission OAS payments in 2023.

???? Support and Assistance

  • Government Helplines: Available for queries and support.
  • Online Resources: Detailed guides and FAQs on official websites.
  • Community Services: Local assistance for application and information.

???? Economic Implications of GIS Changes

  • Budgetary Impact: Analysis of government spending on GIS.
  • Long-Term Projections: Potential future changes and their fiscal implications.
Is OAS changing to 67 in Canada?

The federal government is raising the eligibility age for Old Age Security (OAS) from 65 to 67 in order to align with the fact that Canadians are living longer, healthier lives and might choose to continue working. Nevertheless, these modifications will not start to be implemented for another 11 years.

What are the updates to Canada’s OAS for 2023?

Note: OAS benefit amounts have increased by 1.3% for the October to December 2023 quarter, as compared to the previous quarter (from July to September 2023), due to changes in the CPI OAS payments in 2023.

What is the projected YMPE for 2024?

The initial earnings threshold, known as the YMPE, is set at $68,500 for the year 2024. Additionally, in 2024, a second earnings threshold, referred to as the Year’s Additional Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YAMPE), will be introduced. The value of the second earnings threshold is determined by the value of the initial earnings threshold OAS Changes 2023.

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