Henry Ruggs Net Worth 2024: NFL Star’s Income Unveiled


Introduction: American football wide receiver Henry Ruggs has captured the spotlight with a net worth estimated at $6 million in 2024. As a prominent member of the Las Vegas Raiders, Ruggs has secured a lucrative deal, including a $9,684,820 bonus within his $16 million contract. In this comprehensive article, we delve into Ruggs’ net worth, career, and the factors contributing to his impressive financial standing, including insights into Henry Ruggs salary, Henry Ruggs III net worth, and Henry Ruggs III salary.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth in 2024

Henry Ruggs, renowned for his role as an American football wide receiver, currently boasts a net worth of $6 million. His exceptional skills on the field have earned him a 4-year contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, guaranteeing an annual salary of $16 million. Ruggs’ income primarily stems from his team salary, brand endorsements, and collaborative ventures.

Career Highlights and Setbacks:

Henry Ruggs, a prominent figure in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, has accumulated substantial wealth through various brand deals and endorsements. Unfortunately, a car incident cut his career short, impacting his potential net worth growth significantly.

henry ruggs net worth

Ruggs’ early NFL journey was marked by an estimated net worth in the range of a few million dollars, largely influenced by his rookie contract and endorsement agreements. His selection by the Las Vegas Raiders in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft showcased his exceptional speed and promising athletic abilities, but it’s crucial to acknowledge the financial volatility that professional athletes, especially in the NFL, can face as their careers progress.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth:

Full NameHenry Ruggs
Net Worth$6 Million
Annual Income$0.5 Million +
Monthly Income$35,000 +
Number11 (Las Vegas Raiders/Wide receiver), 11 (Alabama Crimson Tide football/Wide receiver)
Dates Joined2020 (Las Vegas Raiders), 2017 (Alabama Crimson Tide football)
Receiving Yards921
NFL Draft2020 / Round: 1 / Pick: 12
PositionWide Receiver
CountryUnited States
Last Updated2024
henry ruggs net worth 2023

Henry Ruggs’ Financial Portfolio:

Assets$2 Million +
Inheritance$300,000 +
Gold Reserves$40,000 +
Luxury Cars1
Luxury Watches6
Stock Portfolio$0.1 Million
Luxury Yachts1
Loans & Liabilities$15,000 +
Crypto Investments$0.1 Million +
Investment$1 Million
Monthly Income$35,000 +
Annual Income$5,000,000 +
Annual Expense$60,000 +
Taxes Paid$20,000 +

Henry Ruggs’ Net Worth Growth Over the Years:

YearNet Worth (Million)
2023$6 Million
2022$5.5 Million
2021$5 Million
2020$4.5 Million
2019$4 Million
2018$3.6 Million

Early Life:

Henry Ruggs, a football prodigy, was born in Alabama and spent his formative years in Montgomery. His journey into the world of football began during his eighth grade when he made a pivotal decision to join the varsity football team. His venture into the world of sports unfolded at Robert E. Lee High School, a place where he would etch his name into the annals of football history. It’s worth noting that Henry had never played football before high school and embarked on this path only after receiving his first scholarship offer, a decision that would change the course of his life forever.

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During his high school years, Henry Ruggs displayed remarkable talent and versatility on the football field, which would later play a pivotal role in determining his Henry Ruggs salary and Henry Ruggs III net worth. He contributed significantly to his team’s success, achieving an impressive record of nine wins, 20 total touchdowns, 38 catches for 639 yards, one return kick, three passes, seven rushes, and nine catches. His prowess extended beyond the gridiron, as he also actively participated in track and basketball, showcasing his athleticism. These early accomplishments laid the foundation for his successful career, ultimately contributing to his financial standing, including Henry Ruggs III salary in the NFL.

One notable achievement during his high school days was his remarkable 10.58-second 100-meter dash, a feat that shattered the Alabama High School Athletic Association’s Class 7A record. Recognizing his exceptional talent, ranked him as the second-best high school football player in 2017, despite receiving numerous scholarship offers. Ultimately, he decided to continue his academic and athletic journey at the University of Alabama, setting the stage for his college career.

College Career:

Henry Ruggs’ college football journey commenced in 2017 when he joined the University of Alabama as a freshman. He made an immediate impact, covering six touchdowns and accumulating 229 yards. As a sophomore in 2018, he further solidified his presence on the field by participating in 46 matches, tallying 11 touchdowns and 741 yards.

In his junior year in 2019, Ruggs continued to shine, achieving 746 yards and seven touchdowns with 40 receptions. His contributions extended beyond his role as a receiver; he also assumed the role of the team’s primary kick returner, boasting an impressive average of 23.8 yards per return.

Throughout his college career, Henry Ruggs achieved a remarkable total of 24 touchdowns, earning him a prestigious spot among Alabama’s all-time leaderboard players. On January 6, 2020, he made the pivotal decision to forgo his senior year and announced his entry into the 2020 NFL Draft, a choice that would propel him into the national spotlight.

At the 2020 NFL Combine, Ruggs showcased his incredible speed by completing the 40-yard dash in just 4.27 seconds. This remarkable feat made him the fastest runner by a margin of 0.08 seconds, solidifying his reputation as one of the fastest receivers in NFL history since electronic timing was introduced in 1999. Furthermore, his vertical jump measured an impressive 42 inches, further establishing him as one of the top receivers of the 2020 draft class.

Personal Life of Henry Ruggs: ❤️

Henry Ruggs’ journey is marked not only by his remarkable athletic achievements but also by personal connections and tragedies that have shaped his life. Ruggs was introduced to the world of football by his best friend, Roderic Scott, who played a pivotal role in inspiring him to pursue the sport during high school. Sadly, Scott’s life was tragically cut short in a car accident at the age of 17. In a touching tribute, Henry Ruggs honors his memory with a three-fingered salute after every touchdown, keeping his friend’s spirit alive on the field.

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American football wide receiver Henry Ruggs has captured the spotlight with a net worth estimated at $6 million in 2024. His financial success is not only evident in his net worth but also in his lucrative career. As a prominent member of the Las Vegas Raiders, Ruggs has secured a lucrative deal, including a $9,684,820 bonus within his $16 million contract. In this comprehensive article, we delve into Ruggs’ net worth, career, and the factors contributing to his impressive financial standing, including insights into Henry Ruggs salary, Henry Ruggs III net worth, and Henry

Henry Ruggs also demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community. In April 2020, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, he partnered with Three Square, a southern Nevada food bank, to provide essential food donations to those in need.


Another significant chapter in Ruggs’ personal life is the birth of his daughter on May 7, 2020. However, the identity of the child’s mother remains undisclosed, maintaining an element of privacy in Ruggs’ life.

2021 Fatal Car Crash:

Tragedy struck in 2021 when Henry Ruggs was involved in a devastating car crash. At the time, he was dating Kiara Washington, who was accompanying him in Ruggs’ Chevrolet Corvette. The incident occurred on November 2, 2021, when their vehicle was struck by a Toyota RAV4 while Ruggs was reportedly driving at an extremely high speed in the center lane.

The crash resulted in a fire, and although Ruggs’ girlfriend initially survived the collision, she tragically succumbed to severe injuries later. Firefighters who arrived at the scene discovered the lifeless body of a 23-year-old woman inside the Toyota RAV4. According to the law, Ruggs faced serious charges, including reckless driving and a DUI.

With an alcohol content of 0.161 and a speed of 156 mph (251 km/h) at the time of the crash, Ruggs potentially faced a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and two years behind bars. His legal journey began with his initial court appearance on November 3, where he was granted bail at $150,000 by Judge Joe M. Bonaventure.

Favorite ActorRobert Downey Jr.
Favorite AppYouTube
Favorite SportsmanNeymar
Favorite FootballerNeymar
Net Worth$5 Million
NameHenry Ruggs
Height1.8 m (Approx)
Weight80 KG (Approx)
ProfessionNFL Player
Date Of BirthJanuary 1999
BirthplaceUnited States
What will happen to Henry Ruggs?

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced Henry Ruggs III, a former wide receiver for the Raiders, to at least three years in prison for his role in a crash that killed a woman in Las Vegas in 2021.

Was Henry Ruggs remorseful?

“I let my family, my teammates, and those who believed in me down with my actions and hurt so many,” David Chesnoff, his attorney, said Ruggs is “truly remorseful” for his actions.

Will Ruggs receive jail time?

Ruggs is set to serve a sentence ranging from 3 to 10 years in a state prison. This follows his guilty plea to a felony charge of DUI resulting in death and a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter.

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