Hasbulla’s Wealth: How Does Mini Khabib Earn Money in 2024? ????


If you’re a frequent social media user, the name Hasbulla Magomedov might ring a bell. His videos have become nearly unavoidable in the digital space, attracting attention with their unique charm and entertainment value. Despite his youthful age, Hasbulla’s charismatic personality and financial success have piqued the public’s curiosity. In this article, we will explore Hasbulla’s Net Worth in more detail as well as what made Hasbulla Earnings, Hasbulla’s Net Worth, Income, and Age in 2023?

???? Hasbulla Magomedov Overview: Age, Height & Net Worth

Hasbulla Magomedov, also known as Hasbik, was born in Makhachkala, Russia, and suffers from a genetic condition called dwarfism, which gives him a distinctive appearance. However, Hasbulla has not allowed this to hinder his aspirations; instead, he has embraced his uniqueness and become an influential figure on social media platforms.

  • Age: Hasbulla was born on July 5, 2003, making him 20 years old.
  • Height: Due to a speculated medical condition (potentially growth hormone deficiency), Hasbulla’s height is only 3 feet, 3 inches, and he weighs about 40 pounds.

???? Who is Hasbulla Magomedov? Early Life Biography

Hasbulla, also known as Mini Khabib, was born in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia, on July 5, 2003. His father, a plumber named Abdulmanap Magomedov, and his mother’s name is unknown. He has one sister.


Born and raised in Makhachkala, Hasbulla attended a private high school but disliked his time in an Islamic school, likening it to a ‘prison.’

Hasbulla Net Worth
Hasbulla Net Worth

Despite being a full-grown adult, Hasbulla Magomedov could easily be mistaken for a 5-year-old, attributed to his petite stature, youthful voice, and cherubic appearance, adding to his charm and appeal.

After completing high school, Mini Khabib is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a university in Russia, with goals of starting his own business, completing his education, learning the Quran, and becoming a lawyer and theologian.

Hasbulla’s TikTok career took off unexpectedly during the Covid-19 pandemic, propelling him into social media stardom.

???? Hasbulla’s Net Worth

Many social media platforms are abuzz with speculation on the net worth of Hasbulla Magomedov. With his rising popularity, it is no surprise that his income is also on an upward trajectory. It is estimated that Hasbulla’s net worth is around $200,000.

His net worth saw a hike after he signed a deal with the UFC in October 2022, in addition to income from social media engagements, brand deals, and potential merchandise sales.

???? How Does Hasbulla Make Money?

Hasbulla has established himself as a prominent figure on various social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, which serve as his primary sources of income. He earns a significant portion of his money from views and sponsorships.

Moreover, he engages audiences through meet-and-greet events during tours, drawing considerable attention and fanfare.

???? How Did Hasbulla Get Famous?

Hasbulla became famous after he started posting videos of him pretending to fight on TikTok in 2020. The videos provided entertainment during the pandemic and caught the attention of many.

In May 2021, he became an even bigger internet sensation after his pre-fight press conference with popular Tajikistani musician Abdu Rozik. UFC President Dana White expressed willingness to fund a potential fight between Hasbulla and Abdul Rozik, but it faced opposition from the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association.

Hasbulla’s fame further escalated due to his controversial statements, such as playfully teasing Cristiano Ronaldo and declaring he would not take photos with female fans due to religious beliefs during a tour in Australia in June 2022.

????️ How Does Hasbulla Spend His Money?

Hasbulla Magomedov has invested his wealth in different assets, seeking to grow and diversify his portfolio.


Watches: Hasbulla possesses luxury watches, including a suave Roman dark gray dial 31mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, which cost him $7,500.

Crypto NFTs: Hasbulla has ventured into crypto investing with his Crypto Hasbulla project, offering 10,000 unique Ethereum-based NFTs. These NFTs bring exclusive access to his Web3 community.

Cars: Hasbulla has shown an interest in classic cars, owning vehicles like a BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, Lamborghini Huracan EVO, and Rolls Royce Dawn.

Hasbulla is also known for his philanthropy through charitable donations, such as helping a young boy named Umar who has cerebral palsy.

???? Final Thoughts

Hasbulla’s journey from an ordinary young man with a unique appearance caused by growth hormone deficiency to being a viral sensation and influential social media character is remarkable. He has embraced his individuality and turned it into a source of empowerment, reminding us of the importance of embracing our uniqueness.

Mini Khabib, also known as Hasbulla, has proven that dwarfism isn’t a limitation and continues to make a mark in the world of social media and beyond. It will be interesting to see how Hasbulla’s net worth 2023 evolves and what opportunities come his way as he navigates his career and personal journey. With a keen eye on Hasbulla earnings and income, many are curious about Hasbulla age, wondering how he manages to achieve such success. ????

Where does Hasbulla live? ????

Hasbulla Magomedov, known for his viral videos, still resides in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, where he gained fame in 2020 by sharing a viral video challenging Abdu Rozik, and another that showed him mimicking iconic UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC 229 weigh-in. Many are curious about Hasbulla’s net worth in 2024, his earnings, income, and even his age as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique persona and entertaining content.

How did Hasbulla become famous? ????

Hasbulla rose to fame after a viral TikTok video challenging Abdu Rozik. Since then, he has worked with prominent MMA fighters and personalities, including UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dana White.

That’s the magic of Hasbulla ✨

????‍????‍???? Hasbulla, the son of a plumber, hails from a rough suburb of Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan situated on the western coast of the Caspian Sea. In a recent interview with the Full Send podcast, he revealed that he spent four years attending an Islamic school, which he did not enjoy. As per Surkhay Sungurov, a Dagestani-American who advises and interprets for Hasbulla, he managed to convince a friend to drive him 200 kilometers from Makhachkala to help him escape the school. ????️

A ‘Traveling Carnival 2024

If there is a P.T. Barnum figure in Hasbulla’s rise, it may be Mr. White, UFC’s boundary-pushing president. In October 2022, Mr. White signed Hasbulla to a multiyear contract, the terms of which have not been disclosed; the company sells Hasbulla merchandise, and he will appear as a playable character in an upcoming UFC video game Hasbulla Earnings, Net Worth, Income, Hasbulla’s 2024, age.

“People are in awe of him. People love him,” Mr. White said. “He’s a rock star.”

But Mr. White and Hasbulla’s team agree that he will never fight in a UFC match.

“He’ll fight in the video game,” Mr. White said. “That’s about as close as he’ll come to fighting.”

Ben Fowlkes, a longtime MMA writer and podcaster, said he saw the UFC’s embrace of Hasbulla in the context of its other attempts to draw new fans through sideshows, such as Mr. White’s “Power Slap” competition, an innovation in which competitors, well, slap each other in the face. Hasbulla attended a March Power Slap event in Las Vegas, where the actor Mark Wahlberg asked Hasbulla to slap him; he declined Hasbulla Earnings, Net Worth, Income, Hasbulla’s 2024, age.

“The fight business is at its core a traveling carnival,” Mr. Fowlkes said. “They have to show up in a new city every week, put the tent out and make a pitch. They don’t do a lot of deep thinking about why people are looking.”

And a lot of people are looking. Hasbulla’s first sit-down interview with a US outlet, Barstool Sports in April 2022, has been watched 13 million times on YouTube. A recent video in which the Nelk Boys visit Hasbulla in Dagestan has 11 million views; a similar video about his American tour also has 11 million views Hasbulla Earnings, Net Worth, Income, Hasbulla’s 2024, age.

How did Hasbulla become so wealthy?

Through social media, UFC contracts, and investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Hasbulla Magomedov has amassed an estimated net worth of $200,000.

How much money did MrBeast give away in 2024?

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as the YouTuber MrBeast, has posted seven videos in 2024. The outlandish and frenetic challenges in these videos saw him give away at least $1 million in cash. Beyond that, Donaldson has gifted thousands of vision and hearing correction surgeries Hasbulla Earnings.

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