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GST Search Number tool is a facility that Masters India’s GST verification search provides you for free of cost. We provide GSTIN search within a single click. You can check your GST number and do GSTIN Verification through our tool. GST Search number check is proof of the authenticity of a registered taxpayer. You can easily spot a fake and an invalid taxpayer through the GSTIN search tool available on our website. With gst status verification you will be able to claim the correct input tax credit which cannot be authenticated if the GST number is incorrect. Masters India’s GSTIN search toolbar or GST check toolbar is a convenient and free tool. GST number check is a key to ensure authenticity of taxpayers which helps to ensure that tax collected passes through the GST supply chain and cascading of the tax effect is avoided.

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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN, also known as the GST identification number or GST number, is a 15-digit unique identification number based on PAN, assigned to each registered individual under GST. For those operating as GST-registered traders, performing a GST verification before inputting it into your GST Returns is advisable. Utilizing the GST number check tool allows you to accurately verify the GST number (GSTIN).

Pro Tip: Explore the built-in validations within Clear GST software to avoid inputting incorrect GSTINs on your returns, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Under the Income Tax Act, a single individual with a PAN can possess multiple GSTINs. Each GSTIN corresponds to a specific state or Union Territory where the individual conducts business. GSTIN becomes mandatory when the person surpasses the GST registration threshold in a state or Union Territory.

In contrast to the previous system with distinct registration numbers for various laws like Excise, Service Tax, and VAT, GSTIN consolidates these into a unified registration number within the GST framework.

GSTIN Authenticity

There can be cases where the supplier could try to manipulate customers by misusing GSTIN. It is necessary to check the authenticity and validity of the GSTIN mentioned by the supplier. The GST Verification tool and GST Calculator at Masters India is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Why is it necessary to verify the GST Number?

A GSTIN or GST number is considered public information. Conducting a GST search by name is a crucial step every business engaging with GST-registered taxpayers should undertake. This process helps verify the credibility of the vendor and the accuracy of the GSTIN or GST number stated in the invoice.

You can partially validate the GSTIN or GST number by comparing the vendor’s PAN number with the digits between 3 and 10 within the GSTIN.

Additionally, conducting a comprehensive authentication of the GSTIN is crucial to avoid generating inaccurate invoices and e-invoices, ensuring accurate input tax credit claims, and appropriately transferring tax credits to eligible buyers, among other reasons.

Clear’s GSTIN number search tool offers you the convenience of swiftly verifying a GSTIN by a simple click, regardless of location or time. Before entering into a business agreement, take advantage of Clear’s GSTIN verification tool and GST Search to efficiently confirm the authenticity of a GSTIN or verify the GST number!

GST Identification Number Format

Before undertaking a GST number check, check if the GSTIN is in the format below. If a GSTIN is not in this format, it is not a valid GST number.

GSTIN structure comprises

  • The first 2 numbers represent the state code of the registered person.
  • The next 10 characters indicate the PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the registered person.
  • The subsequent number signifies the entity number associated with the same PAN.
  • The following character is ‘Z’ by default.
  • The last number serves as a check code, which can be an alphabet or digit, used for error detection.

What is the ClearTax GST Number Search Tool?

The Clear GST Search Tool and GSTIN Validator offer businesses the convenience of verifying any GSTIN through a simple one-click GSTIN search. This tool is crucial for ensuring the legitimacy of GSTINs and identifying counterfeit ones. This service is available at no cost to anyone who possesses the required GSTIN.

Validating the GST number is essential to prevent engagement with fraudulent GSTINs in the market. Our GST number search tool proves to be highly useful in such situations. As a result, you and your team can conduct business smoothly, without encountering interruptions, delays, or the need for vendor follow-ups.

How to use the ClearTax GST Number Search Tool and GSTIN Validator?

Verify GST Number online instantly. All you have to do is-

  • Enter a valid GSTIN in the search box given at the top of the page.
  • Click on the “Search” button. You will get the result.

If the GSTIN is correct, the following details can be verified-

  • The legal name of the business
  • Principal and additional places of business
  • The state of jurisdiction, including the Centre
  • Date of registration
  • Business constitution– company, sole-proprietor or partnership
  • Taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • GSTIN status / UIN status
  • Cancellation date, if applicable

What are the features of the Clear GSTIN Search Tool?

The Clear GSTIN Search Tool helps businesses to verify their suppliers’ and buyers’ GSTINs. The important features of the GSTIN Search tool include the following-

  • Quick verification of GSTIN
  • Authentication of GSTIN legitimacy
  • Validation of additional details like legal name, taxpayer type, business constitution, and more
  • Completely free to use

How to complain about a fake GST number?

If you identify a fraudulent GSTIN, you can notify the GST authorities by contacting them at [email protected] or via phone at +91 124 4688999 or +91 120 4888999. This will enable them to initiate the necessary measures.

The GST portal has additionally furnished taxpayers with a feature to access a list of GST registrations associated with a specific PAN. If a taxpayer discovers any unfamiliar registrations linked to their PAN, they can register a complaint with the GSTN through the subsequent steps:

  • Go to the GST portal and click on the ‘Search taxpayer’ option, followed by ‘Search by PAN’.
  • Input the PAN. The list of GST registrations linked to the PAN will be shown, along with their registration status and state.
  • If you identify any false GST registrations on the list you haven’t initiated, mark the checkbox under the ‘Select to Report’ column. This action is crucial to prevent the use of such registrations for fraudulent activities. (Please note that GSTINs not migrated appropriately from previous tax laws to GST cannot be reported.)
  • A pop-up box will emerge with the legal name automatically filled in. The complainant must provide the necessary details for validation.
  • Enter the OTP received on your email ID and mobile number to finalize the verification process.
  • Once verification is completed, the complainant should undergo e-KYC using Aadhaar verification and consent to GSTN authentication. The GSTN will utilize this information to file a report against the fake gst status linked to the PAN. The data will be forwarded to the Central Identities Data Repository to initiate the report.
  • Upon providing the Aadhaar number, an OTP will be sent to the complainant. Input the OTP to complete the second phase of authentication. Click ‘Ok’.

Kindly be informed that an Application Reference Number (ARN) will be generated for every reported GSTIN. The complainant can monitor the application’s progress using the ‘Track ARN’ feature on the GST portal, which may be accessible either pre-login or as per availability.

Advantages of online GSTIN search & verification tool or GSTIN Validator

The benefits of GST number verification using the online GST Search tool are:

  • Checks the authenticity of any GSTIN
  • A GSTIN on a hand-written invoice can be verified easily, if unclear
  • You can prevent yourself from associating with vendors using fake GSTINs
  • Avoid a GSTIN fraud at the origin of the transaction
  • Help vendors correct any potential error in reporting GSTINs

FAQ’S GST Number Search Tool

Can we get the company address from GSTIN?

Yes, we can find the company address through GSTIN. Enter the GSTIN of the registered taxpayer assigned by Goods and Service Tax (GST) in the Masters India search tool. Click on Free GST Number Search Tool – Verify GSTIN Online – Masters India to view address details.

How do I find someone with a GST number?

You can visit the GST web portal by clicking After that go to the SEARCH TAXPAYERS and click on the “Search by GSTIN” tab. Enter the GST number and you’ll get the info.

How do you check if a company is GST registered?

Go to the GST portal and check with the GST number and you’ll get the details.

What GST details will I get after searching for the GST / GSTIN number via PAN?

You will get the following GST details after searching for the GSTIN number GSTIN of the Taxpayer, Legal Name of Business, Principal Place of Business, Additional Place of gst status Business, State Jurisdiction, Centre Jurisdiction, Date of Registration etc.

How can you search for a GST Number / GSTIN by PAN?

Click on GSTIN Search and Verification by Name or PAN, enter the PAN number of the business concerned and click on Search. gst status for GST / GSTIN numbers via PAN applies to a trial and error policy. For best results, it is recommended to search directly through GSTIN.

What is the importance of GSTIN?

Knowing a business’ GST number is important for many reasons. For one, suppliers ought to quote the buyer’s GSTIN correctly, so that the gst status buyers can claim the accurate input tax credit. Other reasons include the accurate filing of GST returns, claiming refunds, and compliance with GST laws.

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