8 Things You Didn’t Know About Atlanta’s Great American Cookies


If you’re a native of Atlanta, you know this to be true. Many of the malls throughout the metro Atlanta area have these delicious stores, and at some point, you have stopped to buy something from them, whether your child begged or your inner child couldn’t resist. There’s a reason you keep going back, and that’s because Great American Cookies has made sure that their origins and recipes have stayed consistent – great american cookies, menu, coupons, catering, delivery: from their cookies, cookie cakes, and brownies.

We are aware that they have the finest cookies in town, but here are 8 facts about Great American Cookies, Atlanta’s locally established cookie company, that you might not be aware of:

Great American Cookies: A Proud History

Founded in 1977, the company was initially established based on a chocolate chip cookie recipe handed down by one of the founders’ grandmothers. During the search for suitable premises, numerous landlords rejected the idea of leasing to the company, under the belief that standalone cookie stores would not generate sufficient profit. However, the group remained determined and eventually achieved success with their first store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. Remarkably, this flagship store continues to thrive and sell cookies even after 41 years.

Great American Cookies

Home to the Original Cookie Cake

Many companies advertise themselves as having “original” concepts and family recipes that have been passed down for generations. However, Great American Cookies truly lives up to this claim. The cookie cakes from Great American Cookies are made using their timeless family recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies, which has remained unchanged for generations. Additionally, each cookie cake is freshly baked on the same day at their local neighborhood stores.

Great American Cookies can be found not only in shopping malls.

While Great American Cookies maintains a strong presence in American shopping malls, David Kaiser, the vice president of the cookie enterprise, expressed his commitment to these malls that have contributed to their fame. However, he is not in favor of adopting generic growth strategies, as stated in an interview with Franchise Gator. In recent years, Kaiser has expanded their focus to include lifestyle and outlet centers, as well as international markets, as additional avenues for selling their cookies.

What we’re discovering is that we don’t have to be inside the malls,” he said in the article. “We can operate outside of the malls, and that presents an opportunity and something positive as well.

You can find Great American Cookies in various locations throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Bahrain, Chile, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

They are giving away free cookies.

Last year, Great American Cookies celebrated its 40th anniversary by offering free cookies to the first 40 customers at participating locations. Additionally, the company sold cookies for 40 cents throughout the entire day as part of the celebration. Great American Cookies has also given out complimentary cookies on Tax Day, National Cookie Day, and National Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming opportunities to enjoy free cookies.

They offer a gluten-free cookie.

If you have Celiac Disease, cannot have, or simply do not want gluten, Great American Cookies now produces and offers a gluten-free version of their popular “chewy chocolate supreme” cookie.

What is the best cookie flavor? The best cookie flavor varies from person to person. Some individuals enjoy traditional classics such as chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin flavors, while others prefer double chocolate, macadamia nut, molasses, pumpkin, butter, or shortbread cookies.

What are all the cookie flavors? It is impossible to list all the cookie flavors as there are hundreds, and bakers are constantly experimenting with new ingredient combinations and flavors, resulting in a continually expanding variety. Some of the most popular cookie flavors include:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Peanut butter
  • Peanut butter blossoms
  • Double chocolate chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Sugar
  • Shortbread
  • Pumpkin
  • Macarons
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • Macadamia nut
  • Cutout cookies with icing

Great American Cookies was not always known as Great American Cookies.

Great American Cookies was originally named The Original Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company – quite the mouthful. In 1985, the company was renamed to the Great American Cookies Company and later shortened even further to Great American Cookies great american cookies, menu, coupons, catering, delivery.

It is a dessert that is a must-have in college recruiting.

If you examine the social media of any highly sought-after recruit from August to the end of January, you will probably come across a cookie as large as a pizza, decorated with the name of a college in frosting. Whenever a recruit goes to a campus for an official visit, the hotel is typically filled with treats, including a delicious cookie cake. The roots of this delectable custom are unclear, but a few coaches who can recall the past claim that cookie cakes became a regular feature at Army in 1991.

I don’t believe anyone knows for sure where it originated, but many schools have adopted the practice,” stated Jeff Scott, co-offensive coordinator for Clemson, in an interview with ESPN. “It seems to be a common occurrence across the country, or something similar to it. It has become a customary aspect of official visits at most schools great american cookies, menu, coupons, catering, delivery.

Number One: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is it genuinely astonishing that the number one spot belongs to the most iconic cookie in the US? In fact, when all US states were surveyed about their most beloved cookie, almost 75% included some version of the timeless classic, the chocolate chip cookie great american cookies, menu, coupons, catering, delivery.


While some states added peanut butter or butterscotch chips, others experimented with ingredients like cream cheese, sour cream, and maple syrup. Nuts such as walnuts, pecans, and even pine nuts found their way into many recipes. Interestingly, only one state declared Cherry Chip Cookies as their top choice.

What is the most popular cookie in the United States?

The most popular cookie in the United States is the chocolate chip cookie. It is known as America’s favorite cookie and is often referred to as “the American cookie”. The chocolate chip cookie is highly enticing, both in terms of its flavor and its texture.

What is the number one cookie in the world?

Oreo cookies. What is the top-selling cookie in the world? Oreo cookies. Since the brand’s establishment in 1912, over 450 billion Oreo cookies have been sold globally, and they are currently accessible in over 100 countries.

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