Dish Meaning Slang: Exploring the Slang Definition of Dish 2023?


In Old English, the word “dish slang meaning food” referred to a plate, bowl, or platter. This term has its origins in the Latin word “discus,” which meant a dish, platter, or quoit. In Medieval Latin, it also came to represent a table, dais, desk, or pulpit. This evolution of meaning can be traced back to the Greek word “diskos,” which meant a disk or platter. While in its historical context, “dish” primarily referred to a container or tableware for food, in modern slang, the word has taken on various connotations. In contemporary usage, “dish” slang meaning can encompass different interpretations, including referring to an attractive person or even being used as gossip. It’s fascinating how language evolves over time, and the modern slang meaning of “dish” reflects these shifts in linguistic usage.

A typical West Germanic loanword; Old High German adopted the term as “tisc,” which meant “plate.” However, in modern German, “Tisch” now refers to a “table,” similar to several other later Romance languages’ forms of the Latin word “discus,” like Italian “desco” and French “dais.” You can compare this with the English word “desk” and “dais.”

All the plates, glasses, knives, forks, and other items that have been used during a meal.

an open, relatively shallow container made of pottery, glass, metal, wood, or similar materials is commonly employed for various purposes, primarily for holding or serving food.

dish slang meaning food

This can be referred to as any container utilized at the dining table. For instance, dirty dishes may be placed in such a container.

  1. An open, relatively shallow container made of pottery, glass, metal, wood, etc., used for various purposes, especially for holding or serving food.
  2. Any container used at the table, such as dirty dishes.
  3. The food served or contained in a dish. The meal consisted of several dishes.
  4. A particular article, type, or preparation of food. Rice is an inexpensive dish.
  5. The quantity held by a dish, a dishful, such as a dish of applesauce.
  6. Anything resembling a dish in form or use.
  7. Concavity or the degree of concavity, as in the wheel.
  8. Also known as a dish antenna, it’s a concave, dish-shaped reflector used to focus electromagnetic energy as part of a transmitter or receiver for radio, television, or microwave signals.
  9. Slang, sometimes offensive: an attractive person. The receptionist is quite a dish.
  10. Slang: an item of gossip.

dish (5.)

To serve food in a dish or dishes,” dates back to the late 14th century, derived from the noun ‘dish.’ In German, ’tischen’ means “to serve the table,” and in Swedish, ‘diska’ means “to wash dishes dish meaning slang, attractive, modern, gossip, food:.”

The modern slang meaning “to disparage or denigrate” was first recorded in the 1940s, likely stemming from a figurative concept similar to that found in the phrase “dish it out,” meaning to “administer punishment,” which was used as early as 1934. However, in the early 15th century, ‘dished’ meant “wasted or spent,” presumably implying something was used up, as if consumed like a meal. This same imagery resurfaced in slang in the late 18th century with ‘dish,’ meaning “to frustrate, ruin, or cheat,” a usage that can be traced back to the works of Byron, Scott, and others. Related forms: Dished; dishing.

The term “desk” likely originates from the Medieval Latin word, possibly through Italian “desco.” It has been used metaphorically to refer to office or clerical tasks since 1797. The meaning of “a department responsible for a specific subject or operation within a large organization” was in use by 1918, and possibly earlier. However, it is not always clear whether the reference is to a physical desk or not. The sense of a “reception desk at a hotel, etc.” was established by 1963. The phrase “desk job,” denoting work performed at a desk rather than on a workbench or in the field, was documented by 1900, and “desk work,” signifying tasks carried out at a desk, was recognized by 1826.

What is the meaning of ‘to dish on someone’?

It refers to the act of sharing stories about someone, particularly those that could potentially embarrass or distress them, or harm their reputation.

What does ‘doing the dishes’ mean?

It refers to the act of washing the plates, glasses, and silverware used during a meal.

What does ‘dish’ mean when referring to someone’s appearance?

Adjective: dishier, dishiest. (Slang, Chiefly British) Very attractive; pretty or beautiful. For example, “Those two fashion models are quite dishy.

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